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Re: Kaisers playing - old rig v.s new rig

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I would like to see or study a live gig - best of all the same tune - 
with the same player - playing it with hardware one time and then with 
software. It would have been nice to observe the differens in sound - 
movement - performance - working rutines and the audiences respons to all 

Well, I am open to see what others can offer in terms of videos, but this 
the best I can do to show a performance comparson between all laptop and 
hardware systems.

Me playing solo with hardware looping and effects gear (two EDPs, floor 
effects processor, hardware effects, etc)

Ditto above

Me playing mandolin and laptop only, with percussionist (Vincent Miresse)

Me playing with guitar and laptop only, with percussionist (Robert 

Me playing with guitar and laptop only, with percussionist (Jared Hallock) 
and horn player (Brian McFadin)

Kaiser or anyone - do you have videos to cover this?
Or maybe there already are some studies on this things?

Best regards Rune F. Norway