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pretec 256 mb repeater industrial cfc works

pretec 256 mb industrial CFC for repeater works (under os 1.1)

-stereo record tracks 1-2
then set repeater to reverse and
- stereo record tracks 3-4 on top.

no glitches with fresh formatted card, even on highest possible  
tempi. i guess that could change, as soon as the card fills up.  
nevertheless for playback it shoudl be alrite to copy files to  
harddisk, fresh format card and then copy back everything to  

someone had a longer test list before, which i forgot to copypaste,  
please repost.

rick walker: big sorry, notorious email deletion has prevented me  
from mailing you directly, i hope this reaches you!

order info: jactron.co.uk - delivery time to berlin was 21 days (!) -  
there might be some cards left at page http://www.jactron.co.uk/ 

good luck.