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Re: Very OT: Zeitgeist, The Movie... WAS... Semi-OT: Int'l Travellers' Laptop...

I hate it when people start a rant with "with all due respect..."
Firstly I dont believe that Dave or Chris or I have actually said that we believe totally in the information that came out of us watching this film (did you watch it Harry?) OH no we all had questions...Sure I dont believe the three towers were bombed, or that the Pentagon plane "evaporated"... do you think Im completely stupid...
BUT... that is exactly the point, There are so many holes in the accepted story of what happened on 911, that fuck I think we all have a duty to try to find out, or at least make a noise about it and ask those questions.
It is exactly BECAUSE of people like you,people who were there,  people who were truly personally affected by it that we dont want to just let it lie.
 I have a great friend that MOVED back to Norway from NY (a close up witness, was covered in the "Death Dust" (as you melodramatically called it, Fox News perhaps?) ) after it happened because he said he could NOT talk rationally about what MAY have caused it, or what COULD have happened, because feeling was running so high in NYC.
Damn it, you just cant bump thru life accepting all you read, watch or hear, you HAVE to be able to think for your self AND ask questions. So much has been done to YOUR freedom, in the name of "The fight against terror" that could and would never have happened if 911 had not... We in Europe talk about it constantly, everyday. EVERYONE I KNOW talk in the pub about the relationship Prescott Bush had to the Nazis, the way Bush cheated his way into office, and the way the American media is wholly owned by Murdoch. Its common knowledge for us... is it common knowledge for the majority of the US people? I dont think so..

As for not being on topic for this list? Fuck that... Im chatting here with my tuned in musician friends about things that matter... often musicians are right!


On Sun, Aug 3, 2008 at 5:27 PM, <HarryEsq@aol.com> wrote:
All due respect, what does this have to do with music, looping or anything else relevant to this group?  Having lived through 9/11, in Manhattan, and watched the buildings as the north tower burned and the south tower was hit, having had friends who died, friends who had friends who died, clients who had large parts of their work force decimated, and watched people moving about the City with that death soot all over them, in a daze, I find this whole thing offensive.  Criticize Bush & Company for being clueless, or worse, but don't give them credit for coming up with this elaborate, insane plan to kill their own people to justify some political agenda.  I've stayed out of this until now but I have to wonder, do you conspiracy folk realize how insane this sounds?  Islamic fanatics with a political and economic desire to take over the planet, "get back" at the West and impose their version of reality on the rest of the world did this.  Bush, and the government of the United States, for all of the other issues you might rightly point to, did not do this.  For pete's sake, would you please get back to the things that bring us together and stop this divisive discussion?
With all due respect,
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In a message dated 8/3/2008 10:55:08 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, marksmartus@gmail.com writes:
Well, I haven't read much about 9/11 conspiracy theories so far, so I
don't have immediate replies for all these. My reaction to the way
this video is put together and to conspiracy theories in general is
EXTREME SKEPTICISM. The WTC controlled demolition hypothesis to me
seems utterly outrageous. A huge plane filled with jet fuel crashes
into a building creating a fire that burns above 2000 degrees F
(easily hot enough to soften steel...I used to work in a steel mill,
and heating it to this temp is plenty to soften it up for easy
milling) and the building is NOT supposed to collapse? That's hard for
me to buy. Plus trying to hide massive amounts of explosives in a
building without anyone noticing. The simpler explanation tends to be
the correct one (Occam's Razor).

But I will watch some more and do some more reading.

Mark Smart

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