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Kaisers article - How I Lost 150 Ibs. thanks to Max/MSP!

Hi !

Krispen Hartung wrote: Good grief.  When are you going to go all laptop, 
Zoe?Check out Jeff Kaiser's article "How I lost 150 lbs. thanks to 


I`ve just read Kaiser article. This is very interesting. I would like to 
understand more on this and relating topics. So I aks;

1. what about the sound when one goes from pedals to software (analog v.s 
digital sound)? 
-Are the result of this (sound) also related to the instument one plays? 
-Will the guitar sound as good going digital 

2. How/why is it better or easier to work with knobs on the software 
compared to the pedals? Whats really the differents?  
-What does it mean?
3. What does this changes means for the audience? Is the movement made by 
the player in the digital domain as realistic regarding the relationship 
sound-movement that people are used to with acoustic instrument?

4.How come that still many well known musicians still uses hardware? 
(Hassel - Molvaer - Bugge - Aarset)    

Are there more articles like Kaisers on topics like this? 

Best regards Rune F. Norway

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