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Re: An Appreciation of Andy Butler (even if it makes him blush)

Yup top geezer. Couldn't agree more.

Matt Stevens

On 3 Aug 2008, at 12:03, Rick Walker wrote:

Andy Butler wrote:
"NextLoop shouldn't cut the drums if you set
LoopCopy = ti   (which means "copy timing to next loop")
in that case the edp midi clock should keep running.

Hey Andy,   someone should acknowledge you as the genius master of the EDP that you are!

Not only that,  but you are always consistently willing to post your knowledge with a completely
altruistic vibe whenever anyone asks any question.

In my life,  this combination of very deep knowledge with a strong sense of community and  tithing
service is really rare.

You are a blessing in this community, my friend.

We are really lucky that you are part of us and all should know it,  even if your conditioned "Norwich nod"
makes you blush to receive it.

yours, Rick