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more thoughts about the FCB1010

one other thought about the FCB...

i played a 3hr gig today at the SF Airport, and it was about half  
improvisation (i was directly over the TSA security checkpoint and  
thought uplifting ambiance would be a good thing to do rather than  
"songs"). i realize that the FCB is so tied into my loopers (which  
today was 4 instances of SooperLooper and 2 Electrix Repeaters) that  
i think of the FCB as the instrument, rather than the loopers. i like  
how direct it is. i don't even think about it, and in fact, i hardly  
even have to look at it (er, because it is so LARGE, the thing i  
complain about).

it was really nice to be so fluid. i could just improvise freely and  
build up endless structures, and my tools were transparent. that was  
a nice place to be.

i'm hoping this will also be true for any other foot controller i  
choose...fingers crossed. but there is something important about not  
having to think in "modes" (i.e. software modes, like tabs in an  
interface) but instead being directly mapped to your devices.