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Re: whats the smallest midi controller???

> Vocaloop.com wrote:
> See my other post ;-) Probably somewhat bigger than the faderfox but 
> http://www.thomann.de/gb/behringer_bcn_44_bcontrol_nano.htm
> Per wrote:
> Yes, not only and idea - I can even recommend it!
> http://faderfox.de/

Sanne, thanks! I did know about the bcn 44 but thougth you could program 4 
buttons..it appears to be 8 and that's a lot better! The BCR/BCF-2000 
controllers are even better but also a lot bigger.

Per: These DJ faderboxex looks interesting too. I see they are custom made 
for both Tractor and Live...might work well with an LP1 too, I could maybe 
use the faders to control volume or feedback. How flexible are they 
regarding the midi functions?