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Re:alternate foot controllers for the Echoplex Digital Pro Plus

Luis wrote:
> it certainly looks a lot more flexible than the FCB1010,the only thing 
> that bothers me is the pedal layout,with the fcb1010 instant access to 
> the EDP midi functions is easier,so with the fc300 there would be more 
> dancing involved.

Yes, tap dancing, true....but see it as an addition of your live show :) 

The FC-300 works fine for me but I'm still looking for something better, 
see my previous reply about the LP1 and my FC-300. I mean: the FC-300 is a 
flexible and reliable board but a foot controller and a 19" rack looper 
can hardly be seen when you play keyboards...the visibility on stage is 
pretty poor, I'm not always in control :)

Floor boards are maybe not ideal for me, I need a kind of combination. 1 
or 2 expression pedals on the floor and a desktop controller which I can 
put on top of my piano with maybe 10 stomp box switches with LED's to 
control a rack looper. I don't know yet...