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RE: Looping Strategies

Kevin Kissinger wrote
> I organize my loops into four* categories:
> 1) Very Short Loop  (VSL): less than one measure long
> 2) Short Loop: lasts from one to four measures  (< 10 seconds)
> 3) Long loop: greater than four measures  (> 10 seconds)
> 4) Manual loops: done without hardware -- the musician simply

Kevin, thanks for your reply. I'm using different loops length and do 
solo's as well but I didn't fully realize the impact of them on the 
structure of a song. I prefer to analyse things and to work in a logical 
way; your tips helps me to understand why certain things work and others 
not. I've been practizing with different combinations of loop lengths last 
week. It's funny to experience the differences while playing live :)