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Re: Echoplex Digital Pro Plus

Be careful,
to work the EDP you need a a footcontroller 
with switches that either

a) send Midi-On/Off
b) send CC with the ability to send a second CC on release of the switch

Mark's suggestion of the FCB1010 is what most use, it's cheap, but
sturdily built (and the manual's ok if you have plenty of patience ;-)

There's also a Roland device that some people use (....anybody here???)

Don't try the Yamaha MFC ....too much delay in sending commands.

andy butler

mark francombe wrote:
> The ubiquitous Behringer FCB1010 to name but one... Its cheap, but maybe 
> if it had an understandable manual it would cost alot more! Buy one and 
> join a forum! It cant do much without anguish, but it controls the edp 
> just fine.. thank you very much!
> .m.x
> On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 11:26 PM, Aaron Austin <aaronaustin88@gmail.com 
> <mailto:aaronaustin88@gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Are there alternate foot controllers for the edp because the one it
>     comes with constantly gets dirt and dust and NEVER WORKS PROPERLY IT
>     SUCKS !!!! 
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