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cello for airports...tomorrow at SFO

hey everyone,

i'm playing a 3 hour gig tomorrow at SFO. i'm calling it "cello for  
airports" as an homage to the best airport music ever written. mine  
won't be nearly as good, but in addition to my old fan favorites, i  
do plan on making some appropriate cello ambiance with the goal of  
making everyone less stressed.

the concert is pre-security, in the mezzanine of terminal 1 at the  
San Francisco Airport.
11am to 2pm

Fridays, August 1st, 15th & 29th
(can i call this a "residency" at the airport?)

besides my fondness for unusual gigs, since i've had so many bad  
airport experiences, i'm hoping this concert series will even out the  
karmic balance between me and the TSA. hope they can hear!

bestestly, zoe