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OT 100 top freeware plugins

For those who wish to process their looping in the computer
environment,   the UK's COMPUTER MUSIC magazine has a
special edition this month called 100 TOP FREEWARE PLUGINS.

The magazine that comes with it has a bunch of tutorials on how to use 
They put a tremendous amount of time, effort and thought into this edition.
I run a site at tribe.net called Audio Plugin Junkies that is devoted to
freeware and shareware plugins and this is an incredible collection for
both Mac and PC users.

There is everything from free DAWs,  free Sound Editors,   free VST 
free VSTi synths.   Most things are for PC but there is a lot of cool Mac 
stuff too.

It's just an amazing collection of stuff with a lot of information.

Anyone who wants to get into computer music production has all the tools
they want to use...........all for the cost of the magazine which
was about $18  USD.

What a world we live in!!!    This is a truly amazing edition of this 
(I bought it, by the way and have no affiliation with the magazine 
so this is not a commercial announcement)