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looper and pitch shifter

for my electric guitar and electronics setup, i am looking for a very simple looper with stereo inputs with around at least 20 second memory and where i can record  4 seperate loops or so. it would be great if i can do realtime pitchshifting to the loops also. can i find a looper like this around 300 USD? will be in ny the 1st week of august, would like to buy this unit. i plan to use it on a collaborative album with jacob young for ECM.
what is the best pitchshifting unit with stereo inputs around 300 USD? i would need mostly octave shifts not complicated pitch shifting like on eventide. would like to use it to pitchshift down 1 octave some of my fx outputs in realtime.  
thanks and best.
Erdem Helvacioglu
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