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Re: OT: Hey Loopers< MF is blowing out Mackie SRM 350 p.a.portable PA speakers

Totally!  :) Running a bit slow lately.
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> so you missed the Dalek Shampoo reference?
> :-)
> Krispen Hartung wrote:
>> I bet if you did a blind A/B/C test with Mackie's, JBLs, and the RCF, 
>> with 10 different musicians, you'd get a different response from all of 
>> them, not just in terms of their favorite speakers, but the nuances of 
>> each. So, I'd support whoever said early that it is basically personal 
>> preference and each to his own. The responses on this list basically 
>> prove the point, given preferences. It may be that one speakers 
>> a particular frequency or another, goes higher, goes lower, sound 
>> "smoother", sounds better with this instrument vs. that one...but most 
>> that is subjective in light of what is "better".   I bought the RCFs 
>> because I had the cash and I hear good things about them. But I've 
>> through JBLs and Mackies, and I can get the sound I want out of all of 
>> them - mainly because I have not narrowed the criteria for "my sound" 
>> down to a gnat's ass such that only one particular brand of speakers 
>> satisfies me. What a miserable box to paint myself in, if I had done 
>> that. I would be a realy sore ass for any sound guy who didn't bring my 
>> favorite speakers.   If I were that picky about the particular sounds 
>> a PA, I'd be constantly frustrated whenever I played and I had no 
>> over the house PA, the PA of the outfit running sound, etc. I have 
>> to mellow out a bit in terms and not be such a premadonna about a sound 
>> systems. Basically, if they are by one of those 3 or 4 top brands, and 
>> stereo, I'm happy.  I can tweak my EQ in my compter or on the board if 
>> think things are that out of whack...but they never are for me with 
>> top brands.
>> Kris