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Re: Kaossilator

Kyle, I got mine some two weeks ago. It's an amazing little gadget. Loopwise it's not that sophisticated. I like the erase function, though. It allows you to erase ultra short sections in a loop, which can produce interesting stuttering effects. BTW, I've mounted my Kaossilator (and my Kaosspad) on my guitar (thanks to whoever invented velcro tape!). Here's a picture (without Kaossilator). The Kaossilator now sits snuggly in the other empty slot.


Cheers from Switzerland



Am 19.06.2008 um 01:16 schrieb K D Patten:

lurker surfacing.......again.....just got word my Korg Kaossilator  is on its way....looking forward  to adding it to my mix ...any one played with these things?

Kyle Dean Patten
P.O. Box 22
Johnston, IA  50131