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Re: Euro-loop festivals 2009 (was: The Cologne Loopfestival /and Konstanz

Hey Sjaak!
definetly,i can try to syncronize it with a loop fest
here in Konstanz Germany as well,i donīt know if i can
host 10 musicians here,Konstanz is still a small
tourist town not like cologne and i rather do less so
that at least musicians expenses are covered and
possible fee is shared.Whatever you do my advice is
definetly not do it in the summer,(or during the
soccer euro cup)people want to sit outside drinking
beer and listening to summer music;-)but may seems
like the perfect month to do it.
Do it amigo and count me in in Belgium i love that

--- Sjaak <tcplugin@scarlet.be> wrote:

> Luis,
> Great idea. I'm already looking for a venue in
> Antwerp-Belgium for 2009. I think the Cologne
> formula is great: about 10 performers, 30 min per
> show, a good atmosphere and lot's of fun :) If we
> can schedule a few Euro-loop festivals in the same
> period next year (May again?), then it's also more
> interesting for our US friends like Rick to come
> over and play a number of festivals here. Cologne,
> Berlin, Konstanz, Antwerp? What do you think?
> Sweden? ;)
> Sjaak
> http://home.scarlet.be/gare-d-anvers/sjaak/