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Re: In praise of Logic Express

Thanx Warren,i am doing research because i have
finally decided to buy a macbook pro and give lapos a
try and i am not sure if i should buy it with
L.express or pro,also can you give me a list of
essentials before i order it to have a killer stable
machine for live and studio purposes?i just want to
make sure i dont miss anything!
p.s. if you would also be so kind to recomend a place
that has good deals on macs in the states that would
be great(are you form california?) my parents will be
most likely bringing it from there.

--- Warren Sirota <wsirota@wsdesigns.com> wrote:

> I can't really do a direct comparison, because I
> haven't used Sonar in
> a couple of years. One of the reasons I went for
> Logic is that I
> wanted a fairly *complete* toolkit so that I don't
> have to always hunt
> for and evaluate different drum kits, synthesizers,
> fx, etc. The
> version of Sonar that I got had nothing in the way
> of instruments and
> very little in the way of fx. have no idea what
> they're offering now.
> Plus, I don't remember whether Sonar supported my
> 24-bit interface or
> not, but i would have been afraid to up the cpu load
> to that on that
> computer.
> So that's a lot of words to tell you that i just
> don't know. What I
> can tell you is that Logic (even Express) comes with
> a lot of
> good-sounding effects chains for guitar and synth
> patches complete
> with tempo-synced delays and other stuff that not
> only give you plenty
> of cool sounds to explore, but also are classified
> in a really
> intelligent manner
> (for the record, I believe that this area of
> "snippet/effect
> classification" is a very underrated and
> ill-understood area, which
> will inevitably become increasingly important as the
> creation of music
> continues it's move towards editing/arrangement and
> away from straight
> tracking. Apple really *gets it*, as anyone who has
> hunted for loops
> with the garageband interface knows, and that
> interface was copped
> from Logic, which applies it to fx and instruments
> as well as loops.
> Everything is "tagged" so you can do
> multidimensional searches. This
> is in contrast to Sonar, Live or any other program
> I've seen, in which
> you are left without help to organize your resources
> other than trying
> to stick things in folders that have to constantly
> be reorganized or
> rethought-out and even documented in external text
> files. ugly,
> horrible, and bound to get worse. but i'm an IT guy,
> so things like
> this tend to offend me more than most).
> BTW - Now I've received Logic Studio but I can't
> install it till i get
> a new hard drive for my laptop! (well, I was
> constrained by that
> anyway, since i run a 30 gig boot camp partition
> that i could otw use
> for music, and I can get a faster drive than the
> built-in one). Logic
> Studio == 41GB install! Wow. I guess there must be a
> LOT of samples in
> that package.
> On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 8:05 PM, L.A. Angulo
> <labaloops@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Hey Warren,
> > what about Logic soundwise compared to Sonar,is it
> > true that the sound quality is better?
> >
> >
> >