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Re: Let's play a game- it's called Imagine The Perfect Looper

I love this place.

The OP acknowledged that he has the desire but not the knowledge to 
build a looping device and asks the group to contribute ideas, 
suggestions and advice. 

The group, as always, steps up and gently introduces basic concepts, the 
history of similar projects, and a crash course in economics for the 
naive.  Two or more people with firsthand looper development and 
engineering experience offer perspective.  Several references to similar 
threads in the LD searchable archives which have largely covered this 
same ground are posted - again, without any of the attitude which often 
accompanies this information in other internet forums.

I can only say that this group is really remarkable, and I'm proud to 
participate, even if it's only cheerleading and occasionally making some 
recommendations myself. 

With respect,
Dan Ash
White Plains, NY