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What kind of setup do you guys use for live looping? Question about routing, mixer/amp suggestions.

I am trying to figure out what would be the best setup (I know, I know: subjective and contingent upon price limitations/need, etc.) for live looping.

I have a rivera knucklehead (100 watt tube) as my main amp, and I was thinking about running the line out of the rivera into channel 1 of a mixer - which mixer should I get though - only need a 1/4" for guitar and synth. I would then run my virtual moogs out to my firebox, and into channel 2 of the mixer. From there, I would send both into a bus, which would contain my echoplex. I run a similar setup in logic, but I want to get away from the computer and start to use hardware. I am not sure what kind of second amp I should run the mixer output into though. I have been looking at the roland jazz chorus for its clean sounds, and hopefully for its ability to accurately replicate the tone of my rivera as well as its wide frequency range to cover the synths/keys.

Main question: What kind of mixer should I get (only need 2 1/4" inputs, bus, stereo outs), and what kind of amp will allow me to accurately replicate my guitar/synth tones?

I am trying to stay below $500 for the amp, but I will spend more if I need to. I would like a mid-grade mixer as well, so please give some options.

Could I use powered monitors instead of buying a new amp?