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Re: Max retreat

it sounds totally awesome, but i couldn't even swing the expense of the travel right now, not to mention two weeks on this kind of notice.

Xenakis and Corbu together? it boggles the mind.

On Thu, May 29, 2008 at 3:19 AM, Stefan Tiedje <Stefan-Tiedje@addcom.de> wrote:
Hi everybody,

As my studio is moving to La Tourette in France which is the famous monastery designed by Le Corbussier and Xenakis, I'd like to know how much interest would be for participation to set up a Max retreat there...

I'd plan it for around the last two weeks of july, but have to propose it to the organisers there and nothing is fixed, could be also in a completely different time slot/duration...

These two weeks would give space for working on a personal project, in a beautiful landscape, an inspiring place and with colleagues which could help to break the creative knots.
I will be giving an introduction into Max for beginners and will show my tricks to advanced Max users alike. The only requirement would be that the manual had been read, and the tutorials had been gone through once. (elsewise it would be a little waist of time...;-)

It would be open to users of Pd, SC, Csound and similar tools as well, but my personal experience with these tools is not as profound as with Max...
(There must be an area where I keep my spirit of being a newbie alive...)

At the end we would be able to present our results to the public...

If you are interested in such a retreat (at any time), please answer me off list...


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