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Re: Vocal Tone Create (was: Looping Beginner Seeks Help)

I did try the voice tone create shortly at a
store,very nice but not very tweakable it has presets
that you cannot edit them completely.Lately Ive been
pluging in my microphone into my DL4 and i like the
sound much better!
The harmony G seems also very usable although it has
not hit the stores yet,they keep postponing the
release date!
then there is the new digitech rack vocalist live pro
this seems to have all of the tc electronic pedal
features in one so its actually cheaper than buying
all those little stomps separately.
Ive seen videos of the voice tone correct but it
doesnt seem very exciting to me...

--- Buzap Buzap <buzap@gmx.net> wrote:

> Hi
> > thinking of getting the voice tone create!
> > Luis
> Yeah, I'm also thinking about that. Along with a
> compressor on the inserts and some EQ it could give
> a nice vocal chain.
> But it would yet another pedal on the floor...
> (any thoughts on the Voice Tone Correct?)
> Buzap 
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