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Re: BEMF4 and Virutal Performers in Audio-Video

Why not have two skype sessions, one for left and one for right? Latency/jitter could make things interesting.....
I used skype from Germany to the U.S. a year ago and there was a small delay......
Normal telecom specs would not be audio friendly, I am sure they don't bother trying to do any better than that,
although technically it would be possible --- Uber-Skype!!

I have used Skype before, and I recall it was decent. In fact, I just
installed it and it appears to be working fine. kris.hartung.  I'm not sure
about the audio specs though. I can't tell from the site whether it will
send a stereo signal, or just mono.

Yes, this I hope to stream the festival to the web again. I am waiting for
the venue to call me and verify that I can use their internet service.