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Re: finloop mp3

Tilmann Dehnhard schrieb:
> hi there - i played with stefan tiedjen, rick and per and more in the 
> slot 20:45-21:30.
> i would like to hear how it was.
> is there any way i could get an mp3 of our set?
> it was interesting and fun to play! some really nice interaction 

Yes, I'd like to know if we have been heard at all in the finloop venue...
As mentioned before, none of the local musicians got sound onto the 
Ninjam server, but there was enough from Rick and Per to treat with my 
Ondes Memorielles. We ended up getting quite dense textures...
We had a great party at Tilmanns place, and jammed a bit more after the 
NinJam session all together...


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