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Re: Quick Looperlative question

Quoting Cara Quinn <Cara-Quinn@earthlink.net>:

>   Hey All, my apologies here, for what has undoubtedly been done to
> death.  lol!  I've tried searching the archives and Googled like crazy
> but can find nothing definitive on this.
>   I'm simply wondering:
> • is there a current / complete feature list someone can point me   
> to, for the Looperlative?
There is a user's manual for download at the Looperlative site --  
however I'm not sure if it is up to date.  I am sure that my manual is  
out of date -- and I've pencilled in a lot of notes.
> • can the Looperlative redefine a loop length to any arbitrary   
> length after its creation?
The only way I know to do that would be with the bounce function --  
that is, you would copy a loop to another track and you can specify  
the endpoint.
> • Does the current Upgrade offer time stretching / pitch variance?   
> (as with the Repeater)
I've never used a repeater... the LP1 has a pitch function that can be  
assigned to a controller.  The function allows the pitch to be  
transposed down as much as one octave.  To transpose up, one must set  
the pitch to the low position, record, and then set the pitch to the  
high position.
>   Thanks so very much for any assistance!
You're welcome, Cara.  Good to hear from you.

-- Kevin