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Re: East Coast Festival of some level

yeah, my only objection is the distance. it's a 6-hour drive for me, and more or less than for anyone from NY.  aside from that, it sounds great.

I didn't call you Philly, tho i suppose it could be read that way.

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Michael K (Philly)

i have never been called "PHILLY".....num-nutz, big nut, goofball, yes, but "PHILLY" never.....:).....actually, i'm in a much better place (at least hockey wise) PITTSBURGH.....i believe warren said PGH was not tenable, too far perhaps?.....rick did ask me to host the Y2K8 here and i thought i could get it together but the venue i had and still have was a bit iffy.....i therefore backed out of the Y2K8 because i did not want to be left high and dry with several hundred loopers crashing at my house and playing on my deck, not that i wouldn't like this, mind you.....the main problem with the venue, a great big old building with 2 very large connected rooms on the first floor an equally large second floor as a great "hangout space" and a wonderful third floor with full kitchen, bath with shower and enuf floor to sleep a small army,think major loft abeit "urban rustic".....i sort of envisioned a 2-3 day non stop hoedown, a LOOP RETREAT so to say.....the building would be all ours for whatever length of time we wanted it......getting back to the problem: the owner of the building has it on the market and it could go at anytime.....i sort of doubt that this will happen because he wants big amounts of scoot for the place.....it is in a very artsy area of the city several blooks down from the about to be opened INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL.....every first friday of the month there is an art crawl along the street and it gets bigger each time.....i have played here many times and had a great deal of fun.....it's pretty ideal for what we would want to do.....i throw this on the table as an option.....either for an east coast fest and if this is too far away for everyone then i would offer it as a place for a smaller mini-fest for those closer to the BURG.....it would be a great place to congregate and meet and live together for a few days, loop our brains out and most importantly it would cost us $0.00.....get here and BYO FOOD etc. is all you need do.....as an open invite to anyone near PITTSBURGH you are always welcome to join me for the FIRST FRIDAY GIG, built in audiance, you can't beat that and it's totally informal, do what you want!.....so there ya be, my 2 cents.....michael

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