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Re: East Coast Festival of some level

Funny you should mention Princeton ...no, we didn't do it there. We
did it in Buffalo, NY.  However...

My friend at Princeton is interested in putting together some unique
opportunities that would utilize the work we have done in Second Life
... which would include live audio/video streaming and Real Life

Let's keep the conversation flowing ... it definitely has some great


On 5/21/08, Jim Goodin <jimgoodinmusic@gmail.com> wrote:
> Dennis I feel like the cryer of wolf but have been thinking about this
> partly inspired by having been at Loopfest last year and partly by 
> energy/success with the Boise fest which I"m going to be part of via the
> Kyber world and very jazzed about that.
> It has led me to think though about helping getting something going in 
> northeast neck of the woods.  This is easy to talk about but hard to get 
> come to be.  I'd like to get behind getting a festival together out here 
> can't do it totally on my own energy/or dime.  The most clear obstacle is
> finding a host venue which I'm game to start exploring seeking.  Did you 
> your mini one at Princeton?
> Anyhow I'd like to open up this kettle of fish again and hope that it 
> come to be.  Ideas? Thoughts?
> Jim
> On Wed, May 21, 2008 at 12:53 PM, Dennis Moser <sinsofmachaut@gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > East Coast Loopfest? Did someone say "Festival"? Where? When?
> >
> > A couple of us did manage to get together last November ... i guess
> > you could call it a "mini-Festival" ...
> >
> > Dennis