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RE: Looper's Little Mixers...

hey Dave i am surprised you are not using the Rane

--- dave eichenberger <dave@daveeichenberger.com>

> I have been using the Behringer RX1602 for my rack,
> mostly because it is
> rack mounted, and it is difficult to find 1 space
> rack mixers with aux
> sends. I was using a Mackie 1202vlz, which I might
> go back to. The level out
> of the Behringer is much quieter, and I guess I
> could describe it as 'flat'.
> Of course, the big plus is that it can be in a rack,
> and I don't have to
> take a separate table with me as well as the mixer
> to gigs- everything is
> self contained. Ideally, even a small a 4 stereo
> channel mixer would work
> (with 1 aux send/return)- and, once set, I rarely
> even touch the mixer in
> performance. So I don't need faders, tons of routing
> options, etc...I was
> hoping the Behringer would work, but really, its
> nowhere near the sound
> quality of my old Mackie. This is no slam on
> Behringer as a company though,
> since I haven't used many of their things, although
> I will say their midi
> footcontroller is the best deal out there.
> dave eichenberger:  
> www.daveeichenberger.com