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Re: Is using Pre-Recorded Loops Cheating?

I use Stylus RMX or BFD Percussion bounced down to audio clips in  
Live. These are synced up to Sooperlooper. Stylus most likely has the  
capability to create the loops you are looking for. Its remarkably  
easy to use. They sound really , really good.
On May 17, 2008, at 12:06 PM, L.A. Angulo wrote:

> so while we are on this topic,are there any really
> groovy drum loops out there made specially for solo
> live musicians? a lot of them on the net ive come
> across seem very hip hop cliche,or too abnoxious to
> use live with my acoustic guitar,and iver never dared
> to use them live anyway.I am also interested in the
> perfect compact matching drum machine sampler
> companion for us loopers with already busy hands.it
> should essentially  be small,do track mute,next
> sequence, control efx through exp
> pedal,slow,speed,start,stop etc.all via Midi.In fact i
> bought my MPC1000 for that purpose but it never felt
> intuitive enough for me to use a live
> situation,although is a fun box i find it very limited
> Midi wise.Recently i just make my drum loops live with
> my amplified cajon,but sometimes i dont want to go
> through the building up proccess and just trigger
> something groovy to acompany my already building
> ambient loops.
> As far as loops go i am specially interested in a lot
> of those lo-fi,spy down beat retro sounding used by
> lounge artists,or pop ones like the ones Beck uses as
> well.
> cheers
> Luis
> --- Tilmann Dehnhard <tilmann@dehnhard.com> wrote:
>> good questions.
>> as long as you make it interesting i don't care how
>> you do it.
>> when live looping i don't use pre rec material.
>> few months ago someone started a funny marketplace
>> atmo in a looping session
>> unexpectedly.
>> that was such a nice moment - it justified as
>> valuable immediately.
>> tilmann
>> ps: i also work with ableton in a project that's
>> 50/50 prerecorded loops.
>> wouldn't call that live looping, though.
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>> Sent: Wednesday, May 14, 2008 3:42 PM
>> Subject: Is using Pre-Recorded Loops Cheating?
>>> Hi folks
>>> here is a topic I find quite controversial:
>>> When doing live looping, do you find it
>> uncool/immoral if you see somebody
>>> performing with some pre-recorded loops?
>>> I was quite dogmatic on this topic but now I don't
>> mind that much, as long
>>> as it serves an artistically credible music
>> performance.
>>> I just wanted to hear your opinions:
>>> Would you buy into that if you'd see someone using
>> some pre-recorded loops
>>> (rhythm, electronic, acoustic...) during his
>> performance?
>>> Or do you think he might as well just sing
>> karaoke? ;-)
>>> Best regards
>>> Buzap
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