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Steve Khan told me that when he first met Joe Zawinaul he asked him  
what he had been listening to lately. Joe said, "myself".

Steve immediately thought he was the most arrogant dude in the universe.

Later on, after playing with Zawinul for a while, Steve realized that  
Joe didn't have time to listen to other people's music.
He was too busy creating his own. Steve had a revelation that Joe's  
answer was not arrogant, but honest and even more... necessary for an  
artist of his caliber.

that being said... I guess no one will be voting for me as the least  
arrogant looper... and, I'm no Joe Zawinul... although I am working  
on it.
And.... unlike Igor Stravinski, I am cursed with a good memory... so  
i dare not listen to any other loopers as I will certainly start to  
imitate them.

i don't think I could run for president... too shady of a past, but  
thanks Luis.

but, enough about me, what do you all think about me?



On Apr 24, 2008, at 6:19 AM, L.A. Angulo wrote:

> Rock on Teddy!!
> Ill vote for you if you run for president!
> Luis
> --- Teddy Kumpel <teddybut@mac.com> wrote:
>> All ego aside... I am my own favorite looper.
>> I guess Imogen is a close second.
>> Teddy Kumpel and Mister Shifty