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Re: Midi Sys-Ex on LD

hi Phillip,

nice idea,
and the facility to do that is here:-


I'd suggest include the information that the fcb has a number
of different Firmware versions (even the official ones)
that are not consistent as to how they create sysex dumps.

Using a dump from the "wrong ROM" gives unpredictable results,
when Bill Walker copied my EDP setup ( by connecting our fcbs together)
he got more or less the right functions, but shifted to different switches.

So any contributed files should have the ROM version if possible.
(perhaps the date of purchase gives a clue)

andy butler

phillip wilson wrote:
> Hi there,
> I was just wondering if there was a place on LD to hold my SYS-ex for 
> others to download and use as starting points for there own FCB1010 
> monster layouts??
> In my own programming I used the FCB editor from the fcb yahoo group, 
> Its is freely distributable so I could upload that too...then all people 
> need is a midi interface , others using the behringer/edp combo could 
> join in and put there control versions on too?
> just a thought
> Phill Wilson
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