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Re: RC-50

yeah I thought that was a good post Ted E!

richard sales
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vancouver island, b.c.
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On 22-Apr-08, at 8:54 AM, Teddy Kumpel wrote:

Thanks !

cb mic = citizen's band radio microphone with an echo built in like the cabby's in NYC use.


On Apr 22, 2008, at 11:44 AM, Scott Kellogg wrote:

Rockin' post.

What do you mean by "cb mic"?


On Apr 22, 2008, at 10:40 AM, Teddy Kumpel wrote:


I don't post here very much, but let me just say that I have learned a lot about the craft of looping here. Mucho respect to all the master loopers on the list.

my band almost always just makes up songs on the fly and we hardly ever do anything in our set without the RC-50.
I would say that the whole gig is based around that box... that being said, I don't want it to seem that way.
I don't want the band to be about the technology. It's just part of what we do to make our music.

I have a mixer with 2 different vocal mics (one is a cb mic with echo on it) and a toy keyboard plugged into the left side of the RC_50 and my guitar pedalboard output plugged into the right. The right side SUB output goes to a PA and the left side SUB output first goes into an on/off switch then into a gtr amp. This way it's like having 2 mono RC-50s in one box. I can freely mute the output of the vocal or gtr sides independently. After my pedalboard and before the RC-50 I have an A/B/Y switch. A goes to the RC-50 and B goes to my live gtr amp. With that swicth I can control what is going into the RC-50 from my gtr.

I never listen to the guide track through the PA, only in headphones. The drummer and I both have headphones on (I have one ipod head phone and he has these cheapo panasonic ones that clip behind the ear, so he can hear the band and the guide track.)

I have 2 blank patches, one for multi mode and one for single mode, ready to go.
I sometimes hold the mic over his snare drum to get that in the loop.
I use the reverse functions a lot.
I have 2 FC-6 control pedals hooked up for extra buttons. I use "clear" "reverse" and program up and down
I reprogrammed the undo switch on the RC-50 to be ALL start and stop.
I have a master stereo volume pedal across the outputs of the RC-50.
I do a lot of dub remix type activity using a line 6 verbzilla that I have after the mixer side, before the PA.

we mainly improvise funny, funky gtr trio music. Sometimes I sing a song.

that's about it. if you're in NYC, come see us. We play at nightingale Lounge on 2nd and 13th every Thursday.