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Re: RC-50

Patrick and Ted,

There ARE a few of us here on the Right Hand Side of the US ...
(that's not political, just the old "dexter/sinister" thing) ...

Dennis "Up Near Boston" Moser

On 4/22/08, Patrick Suler <patricksuler@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey Teddy K, I'm glad to see there's other East Coast loopers here. I 
> in NJ, just across the river. I'll have to check out your act.
> Anyways, don't get me wrong, the RC50 is great at that price, and I still
> use it. Its just that I have a hot temper, and the glitch drives me 
> But I've accepted it.
> I strongly agree with Mr. Sewell, that thinking of it as a three track
> recorder helps. Its clumsy, but powerful.I hope that if Roland ever 
> an RC1000, that they pay heed to this list. But they probably won't. 
> I'm a fatalist.