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RE: camcorder (was bad news, good news, bad news)

>>Duncan?  What's your take on this level of camcorder media?<<

tape will be around so long as there's someone still breathing in sony's
consumer division. one thing they hate to do is sell you something &
have you walk away, not needing them for anything else. 

every time we think "tape is dead", even in the broadcast world where
large files are routinely transcoded, converted & exchanged amongst
systems many miles apart, people still love the feel of a nice warm
cassette when they've spent all day editing at $300/hour or whatever.

but I digress. on a purely practical note, it's much easier & cheaper to
carry a bag of new or used spare tapes than it is to carry a spare
hard-drive or memory stick. dv stock is quite hardy & withstands re-use
quite well. it's also much easier to find in weird, out-of-the-way
locations. sony & the big stock manufacturers have taken care of that!

I caution against HD-DV for broadcast use, but only because it isn't
really HD, & will fall foul of distributor guidelines concerning native
resolution & the like. otherwise, it's amazing bang-for-buck. 
mini-DV is an excellent format, frequently let down by the quality of
the lenses it's shot through, & the poor production-values that often
attend low-cost technology. the sony vx-1000 is a design-classic, in my

(I could spend all day on this, but I have to write a delivery
specification document for HD material......)



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