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Rick Walker schrieb:
> How many loops do us use simultaneously?

In my Max/MSP patch I have 8 loops (up to 90 seconds), and a tap delay 
with 8 taps and feedback for each tap (also up to 90 seconds).
I use all of them, and I guess If I had 16 taps and 16 loops I'd also 
eat them up. It's more a question of control. I control my taps and 
loops with a fader box. It has only 8 faders, assigned to my taps, and 
four rows of pots which are assigned to feedbacks, reverb sends and loop 
But in my music I don't layer things in the way most loopers do (a 
guess...;-). I keep a memory of stuff which I heard. I can fly it in at 
any point. I don't care too much about rhythms and exact alignment, 
though I could synchronize the material if I want to...

> And why?

Strangely enough this question has never bitten me, and nobody ever 
asked after listening to my music... ;-)


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