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Re: Voice to MIDI thru voc proc and guitar synth?

music@carlsonarts.com schrieb:
> I want to use my voice as a MIDI controller (i've always been one to 
> push the envelope, so to speak).  I know, I could use a vocoder, but 
> that limits to the presets available, usually.  I want to be able to 
> control any MIDI instrument that is out there with my voice, and not 
> rely solely on the vocoder patches that are available.

I still have an original Fairlight Voicetracker around, since the 80's a 
valid tool. It was made for that purpose and does not only track pitch, 
it tracks also timbre and has a built in analog mono synth. For the the 
time it was created, its just amazing...
Only drawback, it needs an old style monitor to be operated, but I think 
it should be possible to get a small LCD with video in to full fill this 

For a good offer I'd sell it as I don't use it anymore (switched all to 
Max/MSP a long time ago as you know...).
But its a collectors item and I always need money... ;-)


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