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RE: DD20 tap tempo input

but I have talked many times in the past about a simple hardware midi-clock>trigger (or closure) device, such as ebay was once awash with, & interfacing this with a DL4 to allow a midi clock to tap-tempo the little green bugger.
no computers. :-)
I haven't got around to it, although I have a midi-clock>trigger converter inside of a yamaha cs30, doing something conceptually similar & with great success to the little analogue sequencer therein. I also have a similar midi-clock>trigger box that I got off of ebay ages ago, & which I need to check is functional.
they are advertised as midi clock converters, sync converters & so on, & are described in the context of triggering arpeggiators &c in pre-midi synths. the output, therefore, is usually a brief burst of 5v. this could easily be turned into a closure with a relay or solid-state switch, though I'd suggest that an opto-isolator might be a good idea in there somewhere. this approach may even let one interface directly with the electronics behind the tap-tempo switch.
devices that require notes or program changes to drive them will "occupy" a channel of the sequencer, which might be a nuisance, but on the other hand, it may actually be a more flexible arrangement, since you can set up the sequencer to "begin" or "cease" telling the delay pedal what to do by simply adding or omitting the notes that do the triggering.
a simple midi>cv/gate converter will then provide y'r tap tempo pulses.
the devices I have described above, & in the past, work purely off of midi clock & have selectable divide ratios.
you could, even, take a feed of pulses off the "step one" button/indicator of a drum machine, & adapt that to drive a closure....
I will get around to taking this further one day, I promise! my guitarist is always nagging me for this fix, even though I sold him an echo-pro.... (which he hates).


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