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Re: EDP + Trigger Finger (Hey, I'm new)

I use a TriggerFinger with Mobius, which is much like using one with an 

Off the top of my head, I don't think you can program the TF to send a
note on without sending a note off at release.  But I'm wondering why
you would want to do that with an EDP?  If you send a note on without
a subsequent note off, you are creating a "long press" on the EDP for
that function.  As you mention, you can achieve the same thing by
pressing and holding a TF pad.  The note off is then sent when you
release the pad.

Generally, you want to send note on + note off to the EDP to activate
functions normally.  For instance, if you send a note on mapped to the
Record function without a subsequent note off, you get a long press of
Record, which is a Reset.  You many know this, but I wanted to be