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Re: OT: late reply to: MULTI-EFFECTS & REVER

I've been pretty happy with the reverb in my Roland RSP550.  Has some
other cool fx too.  I haven't tried yet, but it has MIDI control
ability.  Too much to do, too little time to experiment.


On Fri, Feb 29, 2008 at 11:59 AM, scott hansen <evanpeewee@yahoo.com> 
> late reply-
> multi-effects-i will have to agree w/ someone who said: you have an 
> eclipse and lexicon mpx100 and tc fireworks--AND YOU NEED MORE EFFECTS?
> i thought the eventides where the king of good weird effects? way out of 
> price range! my setup currently: (guitar or keyboard-)zoom g2-digitech
> rp150-digitech synthwah-boss dd20-(kustom 12 watt tube amp or direct to
> fostex mr8)...
> my cheapo set up allows me to get normal sounds or anything pretty wacky 
> i need it. the zoom g2 has some interesting options w/ the ring mod, and
> then it splits the wahs/ring/phaser/tremolo before amp, and then gives 
> some other modulations options (chorus-pitch, etc) after, and there are
> possibility of having 3 different delays going (good if you are only 
> one effect devise)...so i think its a good sonic mangler, but i'm not 
> if i'd say it would beat an eventide unit, i mean it does only cost 100$!
> as for REVERBS: i have minimal experience w/ a lot of gear, i did like 
> reverbs on my digitech dsp256xl-it had a real 80's quality to it, but i
> liked that. had a lot of spacey sounds. i also liked my lexicon
> mpx100-thought the reverbs were good & all-UNTIL THE THING DIED ON 
> didn't like that. from what i've read, it appears that the folks who are
> masters of spacey reverb stuff (Torn, Fripp, et al) all seem to use 
> the highend Lexicon units or Eventide units.
> the funny thing about this thread is i have been thinking about my reverb
> options-i like my multi-effect pedal options, but haven't been loving the
> reverb sounds in the units and have debated getting another rack unit for
> reverbs. just don't like the space they take up. and i've also been 
> the option of reversing samples that my old dod d12 did so easy w/ the 6 
> samples. always searching i guess....
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