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Re: Fwd: The California Guitar Trio with my good friend guitarist extraordinaire!!! Kevin Hiatt at Crosstown Station Feb. 29th(Fri) Kansas City

Hello all,
  This is cool!  The CGT will be here in Charleston,
West Virginia on March 13th at the WV Cultural Center.
We (LiveMix Studio) are going to video the show for
them, a friend of mine setup the show.  Bert Lams came
in last Sept. and opened the studio with Tom
Griesgraber who I believe was once on this list.   Tom
is a stick player and Bert played one of his
Breedloves.  It was a great show.  I am looking
forward to meeting the rest of the group as I saw
their last show in Char.  
If any of my fellow loopers are passing through West
Virginia give me a shout and we'll try and line up a

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> Subject: The California Guitar Trio with Kevin Hiatt
> at Crosstown Station Feb. 29th(Fri)
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> The California Guitar Trio will perform at Crosstown
> Station (1522 Mcgee/816-471-1522)
>    on Feb. 29th at 8:30 pm. Members of this group
> have performed with King Crimson founder Rober
> Fripp, and ex Gensis bassist Tony Levin. CGT
> performs instrumentals ranging from surf tunes to
> neo-impressionistic compositions involving extended
> improvisation. 
>   website at: cgtrio.com
>   Opening the show will be Kansas City's own Kevin
> Hiatt on 6,7,12 string guitars. 
>   Since relocating back to Kansas City Hiatt has
> become a fixture in the acoustic music scene. His
> instrumentals and vocal songs draw on vintage Leo
> Kottke and MIchael Hedges influences as well as his
> own extensive academic composer background (DMA in
> Music Composition form the Univ. of Miami). 
>   website at: kevinhiattmusic.com
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