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Re: EDP+ schematics?

Hej all,

A big thank you to Phillip, Adam, Paul, Andy, Don and Matthias. I will
explain the problem and deliver the schematics to my tech. I've already
tried to re-seat the ROMs, but it seems that there might be some chips
hidden underneath the shiny metal caps (at least on this blackface
Gibson EDP+) that might need to be re-seated! Those are really difficult
to get to. But it should be possible by using a dremmel!

Matthias. I will try some of your suggestions.

Anyway, I'll definetely post back here when and if the problem gets
solved. It might take a little while though.

I really appreciate the help guys. What a cool place this is.

All the best,

Den 28/2/2008, skrev "Matthias Grob" <matilists@atarde.com.br>:

>here is the essence:
>I just realize that I did answer your previous mail, but it did not
>make it to the list. I wrote:
>if nothing makes it reboot, once its working, then it hardly can be a
>bad contact.
>what kind of RAM do you use: 2, 3, 8 or 9 chips (ICs) / SIMM?
>If its 8 or 9, try to to start it up with only 2 SIMMs in place (the
>ones next to the EPROMs, otherwise it never boots ;-)
>another possibility:
>At startup it switches from one crystal to the other and if their
>frequencies are too far apart, it crashes.
>and there are many other possible hardware, mostly tolerance problems...
>On 27 Feb 2008, at 17:29, Magnus S. Hannibal wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Anyone know if its possible to find a schematic of the EDP+ anywhere?
>> I have this annoying problem with my EDP+ sometimes refusing to boot
>> up.
>> Its a random failure which is the worst kind of thing to diagnose.
>> Please if anyone have information, tricks or any kind of help, please
>> contact me.
>> Read my old message underneath for details of the problem.
>> Best regards,
>> Magnus
>> Hello,
>> My EDP+ has a problem. Sometimes it refuses to boot correctly. It will
>> light up in some of the leds and on the screen, but very briefly, and
>> then it's blacked out. It is unpredictable but it seems like it
>> happens
>> more often when the unit has been on for some hours. Also, when it
>> does
>> black out, I can hear that there is still current in the electrical
>> circuit.
>> I should say that it is only during boot-up this happens, and only
>> sometimes. If my unit boots up correctly, it is functioning as normal
>> and stays on.
>> I searched through the archive and someone suggested re-seating the
>> ROMs.
>> Does this mean actually taking out the ROM chips (not sure exactly
>> which
>> ones they are) and putting them back in again?
>> I've checked all the SIMMs and made sure everything is in place. And
>> I've reset the EDP+, but none of this have helped.
>> Any suggestions?
>> All the best from,
>> Magnus