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Re: Memory Man with Hazari

Its very easy to use.
It depends how good your time is.
It takes a good sense of rhythm but other than that its easy.

No phaser,but does have some mod delays.

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--- mizuho@aol.com wrote:
> Just picked up a Electro -Harmonix Stereo Memory Man
> with Hazari and have to say I am very impressed.
> Sounds great, gets VERY weird when tweaked and even
> has a little? room inside for modding.
> I think it will be a hit for them.
> A+

How easy is it to use as a (guitarist) looper, for a
beginner who's never played with loopers before? Do
you think it could work in a band situation, where a
guitar line could be looped and used under/behind the
rest of the band playing a song?

(I'm also currently in love with the phaser on my
Ibanez UE-400 and the analog delay on my UA-405, and
am wondering how close the Hazarai could get to those
kinds of sounds, if anybody knows.)


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