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RE: qualities of reverb

FWIW...if you want to "move up" (or simply move away) from the NanoVerb you are using, but don't want to throw down a bunch of $$, I have a very slightly used (used only a couple of times...and in the box) Lexicon MPX110 which I will let go cheap.  The reverbs (as well as the mod programs) are quite good...and you might find something that is similar to the Robin Guthrie sound you were looking for (I too am pretty sure they used the older Lexi boxes back then for that effect...).  The 110 is pretty cool (but I just simply don't use it...) with dual processors; verbs, delays, chorus, flange, shift, tremolo/rotary..and some pretty interesting special effects incl some big verbs which sound a lot like the "freeze verb" described earlier.
Write me off list if interested.....

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