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Re: EDP midi offsets

Matthias Grob wrote:
> youhou, Phillip!
> I understand your problem is that the fcb1010 only sends on one MIDI 
> channel

Note-On on one ch, but other channels for CC, PC

> but remember the EDP can receive Notes or CC equally
> so you could use notes for two units and CC for the third, for example, 
> no? (I dont have a fcb1010...)

no, because the fcb won't send the equivalent of a Note-Off when doing CCs.

So, every press would be identified as a LongPress.

It's possible to program a switch to do a ShortPress by using 2 CCs, but 
then of course you use the LongPress function.

It might be possible to work out enough functions to make it work,
but you won't be able to get both LongPress and ShortPress functions from 
he same button


> good luck
> Matthias