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Re: qualities of reverb OT

Michael Peters wrote:
> sometimes I love to listen to the dreamy music of Harold Budd, or Robin
> Guthrie (Cocteau Twins). Their pianos and guitars are often drenched in a
> very long and dense reverb that would put the Taj Mahal to shame - this
> reverb has a depth, richness, and aliveness that is lovely to listen to, 
> is not the linear, cold, and boring reverb that comes out of my Nanoverb.
> How do they achieve that? it often doesn't sound as if they would simply 
> echo or chorus to fatten the sound, it often seems to be nothing but 
> Is it just a matter of using one expensive reverb unit?

Yes, no skill involved :-)

> Are there reverb
> units which can create such a sound out of the box?

Lexicon PCM90 maybe PCM80
(or a pricier Lexicon)

Lexicon are known for nice sounding reverbs, rather than for accurately 
reproducing real ones.

The cheaper Lexicon units may be worth checking out, any of them will put 
the Nanoverb to shame.
I really like the Lexicon Alex(or Reflex) ,which can be bought cheap these 
days, but I'm not sure it will get that sound you're after. 

andy butler