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EDP+ schematics?


Anyone know if its possible to find a schematic of the EDP+ anywhere?
I have this annoying problem with my EDP+ sometimes refusing to boot up.
Its a random failure which is the worst kind of thing to diagnose. 
Please if anyone have information, tricks or any kind of help, please
contact me.
Read my old message underneath for details of the problem.

Best regards,


My EDP+ has a problem. Sometimes it refuses to boot correctly. It will
light up in some of the leds and on the screen, but very briefly, and
then it's blacked out. It is unpredictable but it seems like it happens
more often when the unit has been on for some hours. Also, when it does
black out, I can hear that there is still current in the electrical

I should say that it is only during boot-up this happens, and only
sometimes. If my unit boots up correctly, it is functioning as normal
and stays on.

I searched through the archive and someone suggested re-seating the ROMs.
Does this mean actually taking out the ROM chips (not sure exactly which
ones they are) and putting them back in again?
I've checked all the SIMMs and made sure everything is in place. And
I've reset the EDP+, but none of this have helped.

Any suggestions?

All the best from,