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Re: Important Echoplex Brother Syncing question

Bryce Avary wrote:

> it worked but it could easily sound just a hair off.  I read in the
> manual that by using the brother sync and y cables you can hook up
> many echo plexes and have it be sound tight.  However it doesnt show
> how to hook up more than just one.  So my question is,
> If you have 4 echo plexes that you want all synced together, how do
> you hook them up to eachother and using what cables?

A Y cable is actually the answer for 3 EDPs.

Just connect all the  bro-syncs in parallel for any number of edps.
( an X cable??, or would it be an 'N' cable?)
Or make yourself a "hub" .
4 stereo jack sockets in a box with all connectors paralleled.

andy butler