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Re: Let's complain to Roland en masse! (was Re: Boss RC50 delay issues)

On Feb 26, 2008, at 9:24 AM, Tom Ritchford wrote:

> If we make a big fuss, saying, "YOUR UNIT HAS SERIOUS ISSUES AND YOU  
> WON'T FIX THEM" then it will be bad PR for them.  at least we get to  
> cost them some $$$....  because if people really believe "they make  
> crappy products they won't support" then they won't buy them!

I appreciate the idea, but I'm not sure they are worried about PR -  
Andy Warhol used to say not to judge PR by content, but by weight. I  
think the best thing to do is flood sites with negative reviews - that  
makes a difference.  I've been trying to decide between the RC-50 and  
a JamMan and, on the basis of what I've read on this list and in  
reviews, I've decided against the RC-50.  Fortunately, my bid for one  
on eBay didn't go through!