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Re: Boss RC50 delay issues

I'm finding that the problem is really noticeable upon first recording but when it plays through once you can't hear the drop out as much. Another solution is to play the part you want to loop 2 times, thus recording over the section that has the slight dropout. It's more a drop in volume. 

After I did the software fix I find the RC50 is very usable and I'm using it as we speak gigging every night  in St. Mortiz, Switzerland. I haven't even scratched the surface really with it's features but I will say the MAIN thing I bought this for was so I could tap tempo in changes and have my loops follow and not get all garbled up....We all know that this DOES NOT work on this unit so The unit got very little use from me as a consequence until recently.

I know I can set up a laptop rig with LIVE that will allow me to do everything I want but I haven't had the time to put into setting it up...At some point I will begin setting it up and then I suspect I'll be able to do everything I want. 

I wish there were a box like the RC50 that tempo synched without changing the pitch to a great degree kinda like the technology in Abletons LIVE...For me having it all set up and sounding good in a hardware box would be so much easier becase like I said, I'm pressed for time and to have to sit around with my laptop and Midi pedal, programing the software to do all the functions I want has been something I haven't had time to do and may not..

On Feb 24, 2008, at 1:14 PM, Stuart Masters wrote:

Hi there,
Sorry to be annoying as I'm sure this has been discussed before but I can't find anything that fits my question in the archive...
Have any RC50 users noticed that, even after downloading the fix from the Roland site the first playback still omits a couple of milliseconds (not as bad as before but still a big pain)? I have been experimenting for hours and the only explanation I can find is that it will cut off a couple of milliseconds at the beginning of the first playback, whatever you do. This is particulary bad problem with vocal loops.
Grateful if anyone can tell me if my experience is normal or if it's a problem with my unit (or worse still - me!).


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