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Re: fcb1010 expression b still not working for volume!

Here's the instructions I use to program the FCB to control EDP volume:


 1.. Press the PRESET button (e.g., whatever you use to trigger Record on
your EDP)  for which you want to program either expression pedal A or B for
 2.. Press and hold down the DOWN switch
 3.. Press the UP switch
 4.. Press button 8 or 9 (Expression Pedal A or B), whatever you want to
use to control volume
 5.. Press UP to confirm
 6.. Use Expression Pedal A to set your controller value for that
expression pedal (use what is set in the EDP control panel in VolumeCont)
 7.. Press UP to confirm
 8.. Use Express Pedal A to set the minimum value (e.g. 0)
 9.. Press UP to confirm
 10.. Use Expression Pedal A to set the maximum volume value (e.g., 127)
 11.. Press UP to confirm
 12.. Press and hold the Down button to Exit
Repeat steps 1-12 for other PRESET buttons (whatever you use for Overdub,
Multiply, Reverse, etc.whatever button you want associated with that volume
change function when that button is lit up

On Wed, Feb 20, 2008 at 7:39 PM, topu lyo <topulyo@gmail.com> wrote:
hey guys 

sorry to bother with all this out of date stuff.  i feel like i'm beating a dead horse
but just got this new pedal and can't wait to make it work properly.