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Re: gaspedal midi foot controller

Actually, I witnessed something similar just yesterday night...
Reyn (member of this list btw) was giving a concert in Belgium yesterday, accompanying singer-songwriter Stephan Eicher, I went over to see how he's using the Big Little Giant (sorry, to listen to the nice music in the first place). Most of the time Reyn was looping drum riffs, bass, backing vocals and playing keyboard. The Little Giant controlled 3 EDPs (1 for vocals/drums, 1 for keyboard/guitar, and 1 for Stephan's guitar), 2 Mac portables (Ableton Live, ...), it was sometimes used to play synth bass notes, to control another drum machine and more stuff I couldn't figure out. And one of the nice things was indeed the fact that he put another FCB1010 at Stephan's feet,  this one was connected to the Little Giant control input, so both musicians could take control and decide when to proceed to a next part in the song.
Oh yes, and talking about Looperlative, Bob, I heard Reyn dream loudly too about replacing the 3 EDPs with an LP1, and definitely so if it could be configured for more than 2 inputs...


Andy Owens wrote:
CCE3BE3A57512A4A894008C80AEEB2B709BF4DA7@ehost010-5.exch010.intermedia.net" type="cite">
Another question for you geniuses, if I just wanted to use one LP1, and
have three people using it, say one guy has two tracks, another guy has
two tracks, another guy has four tracks, could you just have everyone
use an individual foot midi control and just assign the buttons to just
control individual tracks?, or maybe the three of us share two LP1's the
same way....anyone know if that would work? Yikes, I guess the fact that
the LP1 has only two inputs might mess that up.....but you could sum the
inputs pretty easy too.......

Thanks, Andy

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murkie wrote:
I wonder why nobody bothers with alphanumeric displays?!..
http://www.gordius.be does..